Q: Is your tumblr for art or is it a personal blog as well?
A: This is strictly an art blog, with occasional real-life updates.

Q: How often do you post art?
A: I try to post at least a couple of times a week, with breaks while I procrastinate on scanning new drawings. When I have a really big backlog, I’ll post two drawings a day.

Q: Do you post your drawing process or only finished works?
A: I mostly post unfinished sketches, but when I finish something I post it.

Q: What types of mediums do you use?
A: A lot of ink, pencil, or water color. I’m familiar with traditional and digital media, but my tablet is MIA. 

Q: Describe your art style.
A: I don’t have one consistent style. Although when I was younger I had an anime-and-manga streak a mile wide, on my blog I have work that cops the styles of Adventure Time and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic alongside Alphons Mucha, Robert Indiana, and Norman Rockwell. I like organic forms, flow, and unique mark making. I also post a lot of silly comics about my silly life.

Q: Do you have any additional comments?
A: Right now I’m taking recommendations for celebrities to try my hand at drawing in my ask. Not requests per se, but more to help me draw a wider variety of features. Also, getting input on my work, good or bad, makes me a happy artist, so feel free to give me critique.

Hey everyone! I was featured on a blog (that takes submissions, haha. i’m not tumblrfamous or anything.) Check it out!



This painting is a year old last month. Golly.


This is so old and while the anatomy and everything bugs me like HELL now, I’m still pretty fond of it.

I miss digital painting :(


this weekend.

this week i’m reblogging some stuff that I posted on my personal blog a long time ago, just for continuity’s sake I guess.

Crappy cellphone picture from my moleskine

On the floor 

at the great divide

with my shirt tucked in

and my shoes untied

I am crying in the bathroom.

Sufjan Stevens. Yep. Have a listen.

Update on the Artist’s boring-ass life

My queue is officially empty and I have no more new scans left in my folder. So I’ll be on a couple-day’s hiatus until my life slows down enough for me to dig up my missing sketchbook with all those drawings of celebrities in it (an offer which is still open, btw) among other wonderful things which you know and tolerate on your dash. 

Oh, and next week (Sunday Aug. 28) I leave for art school, so posts might slow down for a while after that. But hopefully I’ll have lots of new art for you from my classes and whatnot. 

Thanks for following, y’all, I’m super greatful for every last like and reblog that you put on my measly feed.

in june i cut off more than two feet of hair. this was my reaction to it.

Fanart for Jane and Helen from Jess Fink and Joey Comeau’s “We Are Become Pals”. Which I love very much. go read it.

this is exactly what my friend erika looks like

i love my silver paint pen something fierce.